How To Submit Your Content to Google News? Here are...

Google News is a feed portal for many websites, you can grab fast information from many source and category in google news.
The interesting thing is you can get viral effect if your content was contain high quality information. Many source like yahoo hot news, CM Browser and others are grab rss or feed content from google news.
Will you get backlink effect? offcourse.

But Did you know How To Submit Your Content to Google News? Here are step by step to do it:
  1. Your site must have good quality content (seo friendly), see this guideline at
  2. Verify your site in google web master tools or google search console ,
  3. Your site must have a single theme or category, the important things of these step was how effective are your keyword research?
  4. Share your content to Google News Publisher Center,
  5. Pick your site that has been verified, click Request inclusion in google news, see image below:
  6. Fill in the blank about site description, name source (author), site information, category. See image below:
  7. Be Patient, wait for google review your site about 1-3 weeks.

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7 SEO Trends Predictions in 2016

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